护眼扩展 简介

This is the plugin for protecting your eyes by changing background color from lighting white to eye friendly color(green, yellow, olive, grey)


Advice & Feedback/意见,建议反馈:https://boke.hongweihou.com/protect-eye-addon/

Please donate some by Alipay if you like this extension ^_^, your support will encourage me to make more useful extensions.

Chrome 商店已上架,Chrome请移步:https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/protect-eye/mkbaaakkfpacbbcpichcnmjdmgagalfa?hl=zh-CN&authuser=1

支付宝用户:zhangj2025,老盐,圣勇,马明 对本人的支持!!!
Alipay User: zhangj2025,老盐,圣勇 ,马明 support for this extension!

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Edit, 20200722: This addon now causes certain Ebay pages to freeze. Thiis only recently occurred, and since the addon hasn’t been updated, it indicates a compatability problem with certain webpages. Secondly, there are still no instructions. The author seems no longer interested. Unfortunate, because this was one of the better “protect eye” addons. Anymore, it seems they all have more problems than they are worth. This addon has almost no instructions about how it works. However, I’m upgrading my review after having learned much more: 1. It is page specific. Different pages can be different colors; however, only the most recently selected color is used (and remembered!) for any new tabs. That is does not remember page settings is good, however. Who would want all the overhead and a huge file just to maintain the info? 2. The “Enable at new tab by default” makes it universal. I strongly suggest using it. I think it should be the default. It has nothing to do with the tabs. It has to do with their pages. Each page is treated differently. It should probably read something like “Enable at new page creation/refresh”. Refreshing a page will change the color if the selected color has been changed. 3. IMPORTANT: When using the OPTIONS menu, after changing the value for CUSTOM COLOR, you must hit ENTER for the value to be saved. 4. The “Enable custom color” option makes no sense. If you don’t want to use a custom color, just don’t pick “custom color” from the drop-down color selection menu. 5. There is NO DISABLE for this page capability (assuming you have selected “Enable at new tab by default”). There needs to be a DISABLE (on this page) color choice (in the drop-down menu). 6. I am not sure what the ORIGN color is supposed to do. Was that meant to say “ORIGINAL”? Was that meant to disable it (and use original color)? It seems to do nothing. Correction: after experimenting I found it works as a “disable”, but confusingly. The word “Orign” is misleading. I think it is supposed to be short for ‘original’. But, the ‘original’ color is ALWAYS white (0xFFFFFF), because that is the only color it changes. This button works differently from the others as well. Big problem. To effectively DISABLE the add-on, choose ORIGN. However (and unlike the other color selections) you must REFRESH page to see color go back to WHITE. The button should just say “DISABLE” or “WHITE” and one should not have to REFRESH page. (Yes, internaly, I understand this is programmed differently and effectively is DISABLE. But, the enduser doesn’t care about how it is programmed.) 7. The white idea is not perfect. One needs to be able to DISABLE the current page while NOT CHANGING the future coloration of other new tabs. . The dropdown menu should have a DISABLE option SHOULD apply on to the CURRENT PAGE. Absolutely necessary if one goes to a page with a DARK theme. So, here I go again, revising this review for the 6th time. After trying other addons that try the same thing, I’ve decided this one is pretty good. It just has those few flaws. All the other addons just want to make a BLACK background with WHITE text. That is just as badd a WHITE/BLACK. (You see more window glare–much more.) Make this GLOBAL and automatic to all sites with a disable button, and I’ll give it at least a 4. Fix the menu colors not working as well, and certainly a 5!!!




b站全屏看视频,然后整个视频都是护眼色 其他网站并没有出现任何冲突,暂且4星吧


有一个问题,每次打开一个页面,页面又变成白色了 应该设计成我点击这个扩展选中某一种颜色之后,我打开每一个页面都会变成这个颜色 否则很不方便,每打开一个页面我还得针对这个页面重新再设定一下颜色 (请求开发者解决一下这个问题吧!!要不用着很不方便)


整体不错,有个bug。想在微博页面禁用该扩展,但是将微博网址加入屏蔽网站列表不能保存,望修复。平台:win10 X64;Firefox v61 x64版本。






I not complaining I’m just saying. I got the message across the top of a webpage. And yes it was form Firefox. I use Firefox Nightly 62 64 bit. And when I use this addon I got twice a message saying that a scrip addon eye protect is making Nightly to slow down. Also dark mode please if can. Thank you




I can’t get it to work on Lenovo tablet at all


在Option那裡選取「Enable Custom Colour」,並將顏色改為「BEBEBE」後,它自己會改回「FFFFFF」並disable了「Enable Custom Colour」選項。請問該怎樣做才能保存設定?




Doesn’t work in my Firefox Quantum [58.02]


颜色不错,但是能否加入 默认对所有网站都生效,就是点开所有网站都有所选的背景色,不需要的可以自己手动 原本色,或者加入白名单 、黑名单。。。开发者辛苦,非常感谢!!!




不知道為什麼點附加元件不會顯示選項,底下打鉤的custom color顏色改了又跳回白色……一直跳…… 3/7補充:好像關掉重新打開就可以了,謝謝。


茫茫扩展列表中,偶尔出现几个中文标题,很开心。 祝开发者一切安好!





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