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Moo Later

Moo Later 简介

Get a simple button on the toolbar to save the current web page to Remember the Milk. You will need an account at Remember the Milk but they are free if you don’t have one. Set any list as the default for new tasks, such as ‘Read Later’ from the add-ons preferences page. Creating tasks from the context/right click menu.

Use from the Keyboard
Moo Later can be used entirely with the keyboard, to open Moo Later with it’s keyboard shortcut:
On Linux/Mac/Windows use “Alt + M
Then use Tab and Enter to move between the fields and send the task to Remember the Milk.

Please leave feedback on the Firefox Marketplace so other people know how good this extension is (or I know I need to fix something). Feel free to also use the Remember The Milk Forums as well. forums

Open Source
You can raise bugs and submit pull requests on the GitHub repo.

Moo Later will never get to know your Remember the Milk password and you can stop it’s access to your account from the settings/services panel in the Remember the Milk web app. Moo Later will not store your tasks or share them with any other third party other than Remember the Milk.

This product uses the Remember The Milk API but is not endorsed or certified by Remember The Milk.

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