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【图】Mail Hash
【图】Mail Hash

Mail Hash

Mail Hash 简介

Email providers that support plus addressing or tagging enable you to append something to your address and still receive it in your normal inbox.

Mail Hash adds a random hash to your email, e.g your.name@gmail.com becomes your.name+ts5ag@gmail.com
Use this for sign up’s that require email and password. Each service you sign up for stores your under a different hash.

When some service gets hacked and the attackers obtain email and password combinations, they can’t use it to brute force other services you might use, due to the different hash.

Additionally you can choose between plus addressing and custom domains. In the case of custom domains, you supply the domain and Mail Hash adds a random hash to use with catch-all email filter.
e.g. your-domain.com becomes hiuaiu4szdiu6as6g1@your-domain.com

Please use it in combination with a password manager.

Code available at https://github.com/jsvde/Mail-Hash

Feedback welcome!

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