【图】How big is that?下载
【图】How big is that?
【图】How big is that?

How big is that?

How big is that? 简介

“How big is that?” allows you to select any measurement online and see how big this measurement really is.

Before using the extension, you will need to calibrate it to your display. This will ensure that all shown measurement have the right size.After that, simply select any measurement you find online, right-click on it and select “How big is that?”. The extension will then show you a grey box representing the actual size of the selected object.

The full source code of this extension is available on https://github.com/vantezzen/howbigisthat, if you find any issues or have a question please visit https://github.com/vantezzen/howbigisthat/issues.

This extension needs the following permissions:
– “Read and change all you data on the websites that you visit” to display the popup representing the size of the measurement.

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How big is that? 下载

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