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Hotot+ is an unofficial mod of Hotot, the famous and lightweight Twitter client.
Hotot+ has now more than 1000 changes than the original version, divided among (many) bugfixes, improvements and additions of new functions. Starting from v7.0 Hotot+ is now compatible even with Firefox!
A complete and detailed list of new features can be found in the Changelog section of the official website, meanwhile you can enjoy a brief summary of the main news than the old Hotot:

  • Compatible with Firefox too!
  • Updated for the use of the latest Twitter API, with the support for many new features previously not supported
  • GUI changed with the addition of new dialogs and many new themes
  • New display mode for DM divided by used and with the new 10000 chars support
  • Database rewritten using IndexedDB for deeper compatibility between browsers
  • Italian translation completely rewritten from scratch
  • Compatibility with multiple attachments in the tweets, both in displaying and sending
  • New and improved framework for the mute filters
  • Ability to follow a hashtag like a user
  • New filtering capabilities for the timeline: only images, no retweet or no replies
  • Notification system completely rewritten with support for image display and lots of new notification sounds to choose
  • Ability to display who made a retweet of own tweet
  • Suggestion of hashtags as well as screennames
  • Synchronization of the opened columns with Chrome Sync
  • Restored properly the search function for tweet/users
  • Added the column of trending topics
  • Ability to hide a tweet from the timeline
  • Ability to abort sending a tweet
  • Ability to immediately delete a tweet sent by mistake
  • Ability to open in one click all own Twitter lists
  • Ability to set the parameters of the Twitter API manually
  • Ability to fake the application from which you’re sending tweets
  • Ability to protect with an additional password the access to your profile
  • Ability to attach videos to your tweets
  • Support for the notification of new followers
  • Support for the notification of own tweet favorited/liked by others
  • Support for Twitter official emojis
  • Support for voice recognition to write tweets
  • Support for displaying directly in the client image previews coming from many websites (twitpic, instagram, twipple…)
  • Support for displaying Twitter videos directly in the client
  • Support for displaying Youtube and Dailymotion videos directly in the client
  • Support for displaying Vine videos directly in the client
  • Support for displaying quoted tweets directly in the client
  • Support for the Twitter official function to mute a user without having to defollow him
  • Support for the Twitter official function to hide a user’s retweets
  • Support for the automatic translation of tweets using Bing Translator
  • Support for displaying in Google Maps the location of the tweets when available
  • JQuery updated to the latest version
  • Fixed a countless amount of known bugs

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