FPlus 简介

This extension enables the user to use new functions of Fogis

*** This plugin is in no way developed or sanctioned by the developers/owners of FOGIS and is developed by an independent referee with the intention of helping colleagues. ***

This plugin (which we are still adding functions to) is for easing the use of the Fogis system (for Swedish football referees). Only works/makes changes to fogis.svenskfotboll.se/Fogisdomarklient and is of no use to people who are not Swedish football referees. The rest of this description will therefor be in Swedish.

Funktioner just nu

För domare:
– Möjlighet att filtrera match-listan.
– Möjlighet att få dina kommande matcher över match-listan.
– NY: Möjlighet att lägga till dina kommande matcher i din Google-kalender med ett klick.
– NY: Möjlighet att byta bort dina matcher i systemet (KRÄVER GODKÄNNANDE. Högerklicka på ikonen i högra hörnet, välj options och klicka i korrekt checkbox längst ner).

För coacher:
– Möjlighet att få listan med lediga domare som en tabell under domarens info när du vill göra ett byte.
– NY: Möjlighet att få dina matchbyten i en separat lista till höger (kräver lite inställning).

Funktionsförslag kan mejlas till jens.hendar@gmail.com.

Collaborators: Bartek Svaberg


First version for Firefox.
Works with Firefox Android (mobile, yay!)

——– Chrome plugin log.
– Bug fix for match count in tab
– Added checkbox for hiding pending matches in list

– Minor text and css fixes

– Fixed bug with saving password as coach

– Added function to count upcoming matches (in header)

– Added code to only run plugin on Fogis sites

– Added some security features to the trade function for coaches
– Added more terms text (see options page)

– Some fixes to line breaks in gcal desc
– Agreement before changes

– Added terms checkbox for new function

– Added functions for trading matches, both ref and coach
– Added calendar-icon to add upcoming matches to Google calendar with a click

– Removed more of the trade-system
– Added coach feature in form of free ref table below ref info

– Removed the trade-system for now
– Added checkbox to hide futsal games

– Added things to options page.

– Added table for tradable matches and ability to put your upcoming matches up for trade. This is still in demo and should not be used for real matches.

– Added ability to see upcoming matches above the matchlist.
– Added this to the options page.

– Added ability to go straight to the matchlist.
– Added options page with checkbox for the above.
– This also added chrome storage permissions.

First version. Includes the ability to filter matches.

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