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Foxy Tabs

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Foxy Tabs 详情

# Foxy Tabs

WebExtension to help you navigate your tabs with ease.
Mini tutorial available on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tjQdJv5tCY

## Features

### Tab Management
– Search and jump to tabs by title or URL, across all your windows.
– Quickly delete tabs while being able to see their title and URL.
– Keyboard shortcuts for navigation and tab deletion will make you very fast.

### Save Tabs For Later
– Tab Snapshots let you save all your open tabs so you can close them and open them later.
– You can take a snapshot of all your windows, or just the currently active one.
– Snapshots are synchronized across all your devices running Firefox and Foxy Tabs.
– Take a snapshot of…
– The internal sites you open at work every day.
– All the web sites you use to procrastinate.
– Snapshots are synchronized to your Firefox profile using [browser.storage.sync]

### Keyboards shortcuts
Press “Enter” to activate a tab. Or click on it.
Use the “Up” and “Down” keys to navigate the tabs list.
Press “Shift+Backspace” to delete the currently highlighted tab in the tabs list.
You can also delete tabs by clicking on the X at the right side of each tab in the list.
Press “Ctrl” while the extension is open to highlight the currently active tab.

Foxy Tabs 中文

# Foxy标签

YouTube上提供的迷你教程-Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= 9tjQdJv5tCY

# # 特点

### 选项卡管理

### 为以后保存标签
-快照在运行Firefox和Foxy Tabs的所有设备上同步快照。
-使用 [browser.storage.sync] 同步到您的Firefox配置文件

### 键盘快捷键
按 “Enter” 激活一个选项卡。或者点击它。
使用 “向上” 和 “向下” 键导航选项卡列表。
按 “Shift Backspace” 删除选项卡列表中当前突出显示的选项卡。
扩展打开时按 “Ctrl” 突出显示当前活动的选项卡。


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