【图】CB chat AddOn for CMT 1.2.x.x下载
【图】CB chat AddOn for CMT 1.2.x.x
【图】CB chat AddOn for CMT 1.2.x.x

CB chat AddOn for CMT 1.2.x.x

CB chat AddOn for CMT 1.2.x.x 简介

Forward CB chat messages to CamModelTools
This Firefox Plugin intercepts the chat messages when you are broadcasting.

For a list of sites supported please visit our website.

These messages get forwarded to our applications, which are running locally on your broadcasting system.

– No data gets changed.
– All data remains on your local system.
– No data gets transferred to our servers or anywhere else.
– Full privacy is guaranteed.

Technical details for those who are interested:
This plugin intercepts the websocket traffic between the broadcasting site and your broadcasting system via monkey patching.
This traffic is filtered for the relevant information and then forwarded to one of our tools. These tools are built for running on your local system.
The intercepted information is forwarded via websocket connection to


which means to a server (one of our tools) running on your own system, listening on port 9876.

This ensures, that no private data is transferred to any other system except the one on which this plugin and our applications are running.

It works only for you if you are broadcasting.

To make it useful for you, you need to have one of our tools installed on your broadcasting system, to enable e.g. the display of incoming tips as animated images in your video stream.
It is essential to have a broadcasting software (like xsplit or obs) installed.

Please make sure one of our applications is running on your local system before entering the broadcasting site.

If you forget to start the application, then you can restart it and reload your broadcasting screen.

If you have any question regarding this plugin or security concerns, please contact us on our website, or contact us here. We will be happy to hear from you.

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CB chat AddOn for CMT 1.2.x.x 下载

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