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B!tch to Boss

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A person’s gender, age, race, or sexual orientation (or any personal characteristic) shouldn’t determine their access, opportunities, or quality of experience online. And yet . . . here we are. B!tch to Boss finds and replaces all instances of derogatory words like “bitch,” “slut,” and “nasty woman” to simply read “boss” across the web. Will this solve harassment online? No. Will it make comments sections, unsolicited DMs, and angry replies just a little bit funnier? Hopefully.

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What silly BOSS at Mozilla thought this was a good idea? ‘Strong and independent women’ yet have to hide hurty words from view like children lol Also this is being heavily artificially promoted – appearing in ‘Recommended’, ‘Trending’ and ‘Top Rated’ lists despite only have 88 five star reviews with a poor average. Pathetic.


Dear developers, you are really very cool, but please develop your browser and Mozilla technologies better. Let activists be engaged in such public programs.


Great add on, but please make it customizable! “Dyke” has been reclaimed and as a Queer Person it seems weird for that to be corrected. (I know, its always about context, so I would say it is ok that it is generally included, but should be optional/trusted pages option)


Add an ability to add my own list of words.



Marvin Lehwald

Liebes Entwicklerteam, Ich hatte ein ähnliche Idee. Ich wollte Fragen ob es eine Möglichkeit gibt sich mit dem Entwicklerteam auszutauschen um das Internet zu einem besseren Ort zu machen.




The Recommended Extensions program should be something all users (and low-information users especially) can rely on for trusted, safe and useful add-ons. From the associated support article “The tightly curated nature of Recommended extensions means we may only feature up to a few hundred, or less, at a time. We try to select content that will be relevant to Firefox users around the globe.” Mozilla, the Recommended badge is either a mark of excellence or it’s not. That’s for you to decide.


This is really a GREAT idea. But please consider letting us configure which word is replaced and which is not 🙂 I’m French and the word “p*tain” is 95% of the time not used in a way to degrade a woman. Keep it up!


Nice idea, but maybe a whitelist for websites about dogs would be good.

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