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【图】Astrology Craft & Custom Web Search
【图】Astrology Craft & Custom Web Search

Astrology Craft & Custom Web Search

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Astrology Craft & Custom Web Search 详情

Astrology Craft & Custom Web Search is an extension that customizes your browser and enhances it with new features.

Begin the day by reading your horoscope from a widget on your browser. Find daily horoscopes for all zodiac signs. Conveniently access Tarot Card readings via a quick link on your browser and get a clearer perspective of what the future holds. Also, get in-depth predictions and guidance on romantic relationships from a quick link on your browser.

The free extension empowers you to take necessary precautions, avert risks and make the right decisions and also provides you with complimentary custom web search. Easily look for images, videos, news & more from your browser and find quick, relevant results always. Do more on the internet with a brand new web search experience.
Download the extension today!

We value user feedback and look forward to any ideas on how we can enhance the product usage experience. Please be aware that this extension can be uninstalled at any time.

Our Privacy Policy:
astrologycraft.com is a product offered by Innover Group. We provide users with ease of access to information and widgets from their browser. Our Privacy Policy is important for us to continue providing the users with the best possible all-round experience.
Here’s a summary of user data that our add-on collects and how we use this information:
1. IP address:
We receive your IP address when our add-on is used to make a web search. We do not trace this IP address back to you, we only use it for analytics and reporting. You can opt-out of sharing the above information with us, however, you will only be able to access limited features.

2. Anonymous technical data:
Anonymous technical information is also collected by the add-on to plan product upgrades and help with troubleshooting issues and tracking outages. This data is used for optimization purposes and cannot be used to identify users. This includes domain name, add-on name, add-on version, category, family and application ID.

3. Information you explicitly share with us:
We may collect information that you may choose to provide us (such as your name, telephone number and/or email address) if submitted by you as part of a feedback form, crash report, enhancement suggestion or other communication from you to us. This information is only used to respond to user queries or concerns and will not be shared with any third party.

For additional information, please read our Privacy Policy: https://astrologycraft.com/common/privacypolicy_ff.html

Upon clicking the button above, I confirm to install this extension and agree to abide by its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Terms of Service: https://astrologycraft.com/common/termsofservice_ff.html
Privacy Policy: https://astrologycraft.com//common/privacypolicy_ff.html

Astrology Craft & Custom Web Search 中文







我们可能会收集您选择提供给我们的信息 (如您的姓名、电话号码和/或电子邮件地址),如果您作为反馈表格、崩溃报告、增强建议或其他沟通的一部分提交给我们。此信息仅用于响应用户查询或关注,不会与任何第三方共享。

有关更多信息,请阅读我们的隐私政策:Https://astrologycraft.com/common/ privacypolicy_ff.html


服务条款:Https://astrologycraft.com/common/ termsofservice_ff.html
隐私政策:Https://astrologycraft.com//common/ privacypolicy_ff.html



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