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【图】All-in-One Dark Mode
【图】All-in-One Dark Mode

All-in-One Dark Mode

All-in-One Dark Mode简介

Beautiful Dark Mode for Wikipedia, Facebook, Messenger, Web Whatsapp, Instagram, Google, Genius, Gmail and +15 Other Websites
All-in-One Dark Mode extension for Mozilla Firefox provides a dark mode for popular websites, significantly reducing eye strain and fatigue caused by a bright screen. That’s mean surf the internet without hurting your eyes 😉

All in One Dark Mode Extension Features:
✔ Full Dark color themes (not inverted colors) 🌚
✔ Handcrafted by designers ✍️
✔ Reduces eye strain, fatigue & headaches 😵
✔ Eliminates annoying glare 😖
✔ Helps you sleep faster and better 💤
✔ Every Month a new bunch of supported websites will be added 🔥

⚠️⚠️ We just Launched a Beta Version that support all kind of Websites so if you find out any Problem feel free to contact us ⚠️⚠️
Current Supported Websites :
► Facebook + Facebook Messenger
► Google (Image, Video, News, Gmail, Accounts, Google Plus, Calendar, Maps, Advanced Search)
► Genius (Music Lyrics)
► Wikipedia
► Instagram
► Whatsapp
► Google Translate
► Stackoverflow
► Vk
► W3Schools
► More Soon… 🥰


⚡ You need to refresh all the tabs, which were opened BEFORE the All-in-One Dark Mode extension was installed. You can also restart the Mozilla Firefox to refresh all the tabs at once. Otherwise, All-in-One Dark Mode will work only with the newly opened tabs.

⚡In accordance with the Mozilla Firefox Browser policies, Night Shift is restricted to work on the Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Store and Home Page.
Please open any other website (for example, google.com, wikipedia.com) after installing this extension and check the extension in action.

⚡ This is a fully Free version that offers dark themes for more than 20 supported websites, but u can always help us to give this extension more time working on it by donation using this link:
⚡ Please if you liked this extension leave a Positive FeedBack and Rating to Motivate us 💌

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