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【图】ActiveInbox for Gmail
【图】ActiveInbox for Gmail

ActiveInbox for Gmail

ActiveInbox for Gmail 简介

Turn emails into actions for better email management
Effectively manage your inbox, reduce email overload and maintain inbox zero with unique GTD® features — the world’s leading personal management methodology.

Get a clear vision of emails to be done
Focus on high priority emails and see all the different projects flowing through your email.

Build stronger relationships
Serve contacts better with scheduling, history and complete control of current emails.

Your email archive will no longer be a black hole
Never forget an important email, retrieve knowledge stored in the depths of your archive and track every email you send.

Speed up your daily workflow
Enhance Gmail with shortcuts and new features.

Designed for professionals, with a 14 day free trial.

Gmail is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.

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ActiveInbox for Gmail 下载

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This is an essential addon for gtd followers!!

Asher Peretz

Amazing Add-on, not to mention, quick response for any questions/ comments!

David Sarnowski

It has been my pleasure to use GTDinbox (and it previous titles) for years. The work that Andy and the other contributors have done and continue to do makes my life and my email easier to deal with. This is my #1 add-on bar none.


Just getting started with GTD and this add-on has really helped me during that process! I love it!


Great for Gmail GTD.


An essential tool for my email handling. It really helps to make sure important emails get dealt with and not buried.


GTDInbox keeps my inbox organized and clean. It’s hard to remember how I managed my email without it.


Keep away from this thing! It sucks your life and then you can’t live without it. Now I’m doomed, I can’t use any other mail client, every time I try, I keep coming back. This is the only reason why I use Firefox over Opera, it’s so amazing that it had changed my way to organize things. I rate this 6 starts.

John Coloe

Unbelievable add-on. Don’t think Gmail can be any better? GTDInbox will blow you away; especially if you’re a GTD fan. GTDInbox makes Gmail and Firefox the two most indispensable GTD tools I’ve found to-date (and I’ve tried more than a few). Wouldn’t want to imagine life without Gmail, Firefox, and GTDInbox. Get it, and get huge productivity gains. Thanks for all your great work Andy.


The best GTD (Getting Things Done) addon for internet use. GET IT NOW!!!


I have been using this since long before version 1.0 and it was really the only way that I could manage the GTD system, and is still vital to me getting work done.

Jeremy White

I used this long before I knew anything about the GTD, and it’s always been absolutely essential in getting my emails organized. Now that I’m full into GTD, it’s still absolutely essential! I’m so much more productive and stress free. Thanks for the amazing product and effort!

guy peri

I don’t know how I could live with out this add-on. most of my work is done online, and after watching my “boss” gets disorganized , I truly knows this works !! It saves you time > money > anger > health > life!


GTDInbox has turned my browser into a very easy to use file cabinet and todo list with project management. The writing team is VERY responsive to needed bug fixes and quickly and steadily moves the add-on forward. Great tool!


Even if you’re not a GTD fan or regularly prescribe to its practices, GTDInbox still has a number of useful features to make gmail so much more useful and productive.

Gary Beckmann

We live and die by e-mail. It has changed our lifes, and yet trying to keep it organized and respond timely to it proves to be an almost insoluble problem. Along comes GTDInbox–it provides tools to help you quickly organize and prioritize everything that appears in your Inbox. Even if you don’t use all the features it offers (which I don’t), it is a superb tool for keeping your e-mail under control. Plus I have found the developers to be rather responsive and helpful (that’s probably because they use it as well!) My tip for new (and established) users: use the Google Lab Multiple Inbox with GTDInbox to get a wonderful on-quick-look overview of your mail with the prioritized mail.

Eran Kutner

GTDInbox, is by far the most useful add-on on my browser. I can’t think how I ever used gmail without it.

Justin LewisAnthony

The best add on for Gmail, with a neat implementation of GTD and a very responsive development team.

Michael Hayes

I’ve been using this add-on for over a year now and I’m very impressed by how far it has evolved and how responsive Andy is to requests and suggestions. A great tool for keeping up with all the tasks and actions that come as a consequence of email.


This is by a long shot my most important add-on. Thanks to the developers!

Matt Costello

A great add-on. Pre gmail I used outlook with the GTD plugin from David Allen. Although this addon doesn’t do half as much as the outlook version it is still invaluable. As a developer I would put this down to shortcomings of gmail rather than anything else, particulaly the fact that outlook has a lot tighter integration with it’s calendar and tasks. Works fine with your own google apps to! Just make sure you upgrade from version 2 as this broke with some of the recent firefox updates. Take time out to read and understand the concepts behind GTD before you install, else you won’t have a clue what it’s supposed todo!


Great system, I dropped it in favour of Google tasks, multi stars and multiple inboxes but Im having another go now as it is definitely “maturing”

Sam Katakouzinos

Thanks to the developers for their ongoing work and continual updates to an amazing product. It’s amazing how such a simple add-on can make an enormous difference to staying productive! Keep up the great work guys!


An almost perfect addition to firefox. This is one of my “must works”… If GTDInbox does not work, I will happily disable just about every other plug-in to get it back…


very powerfull — makes life much easier…


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