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View Image

View Image 简介

ViewImage adds the “Search by Image” and “View Image” buttons back to the google images results page.

The code for this extension is available on GitHub: https://github.com/bijij/ViewImage
Please feel free to make any PR’s or submit an issue.

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View Image 下载

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Please fix it. Doesn’t work.


15.02.2020 г. Microsoft Windows 10.0.17763.1039, Mozilla Firefox 74.0b3 (64-bit), View Image 3.3.0 – показанной на скриншоте кнопки не появляется.


View Image simply works as intended: click the “View image” button to see the full-size image. Similar add-ons have stopped working as of 13 Feb 2020, but this still works.


Work as expected on latest Firefox stable.


guys the addon is only broke due to your cookies and site data being overfull clear both and the view image addon will work again. trust me on that


broken atm, only shows a small thumbnail


Please fix it. Doesn’t work


Does not work properly.


Sadly view image doesn’t really work anymore it just shows a thumbnail, making the extension useless. This extension really needs an update.


Doesn’t show the full sized image anymore. It gives you a thumbnail.


Rarely worked in the past and now it does not work at all. Images open as thumbnail for me like everyone else.


This used to be great, but the View Image function has been flawed for weeks. Despite everyone’s claims that deleting the cookies and such works, it doesn’t. As soon as you log in to a Google account, it goes back to not working again. The only way for View Image to do anything but the small thumbnail is to not be logged into Google, and even that doesn’t work all the time. Once this gets fixed again (if ever), it’s a 5-star again.


When you click on “view image”, a new tab opens but the image is always small, like the thumbnail. Doesn’t show the full image


Not going to steal, but, if you have the issue where the “View Image” only shows the small image and not the original, you are in luck. Follow this guy’s comment. — This is an invaluable tool but it stopped working recently. I’ve read the tip about deleting Google cookies – it didn’t work for me, so I deleted all my history including cookies. It works now – phew!


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