GitZip 简介

Why GitZip:
– You DO NOT have to download the whole project just for those few files/dirs you need.

1. In any GitHub public repos page.
2. Just double click on the items you need.
3. Click download button at bottom-right.
4. See the progress dashboard and wait for browser trigger download.
5. Get the ZIP file.

Get Token:
– If you see the “Rate Limit” warning message on progress dashboard, you should get the Github API access token for upgrade rate limit. GitZip provide a convenient way for it:
1. Click GitZip add-on icon on your browser.
2. Click private/normal links besides “Get Token”.
3. Authorize GitZip permission on Github auth page.
4. Back to repo page of the beginning.
5. Continue to use.

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GitZip 下载

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As an opensource lover, this one is something must have for me 🙂

That Guy



instead of having to double-click it should have a button to download the folder, but ok.


Convenient time saver, thanks! A context menu entry or some other GUI trigger (in addition to the double-click possibility that is GUI-invisible) would be a nice.


Very useful tool, but I wish it also had a feature for generating links that I can use them with wget. That could be extremely handy in cases where I want to download a single directory from a repository to a remote machine that I’m currently connected through SSH. Usually what I end up doing is situations like this, is either cloning the repository with git or downloading the whole thing as a tar archive.


Thanks for awesome app.


Works Fine. Awesome.

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