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【图】Download Links
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Download Links

Download Links 简介

Through this add-on you can download media, picture, text, pdf, compressed files in the web-page. If you have any other file type, specify that extension and you can view, filter and download files as per your requirement!

The downloaded files are saved in Firefox Download directory that is set in Firefox Preferences.

Tutorial: https://youtu.be/DwH_NboclFA

Any issues, feature request, bugs reach out to developer.


Free for general public use

Feature Status

Note: x.x refers to future release

| Release | Feature |
| — | — |
| 1.0 | Simple HTML UI and minimal functionality to download links |
| 2.0 | Feature to filter files and report download status with better UI |
| 3.0 | Feature to auto detect extensions and count in extension configuration page, UI refreshed, more extension types added, save extensions |
| 4.0 | Feature to organize downloads by directory, rename files by each file type |
| 4.0 | Feature to create custom tags from link information |
| 4.0 | Feature to display image size |
| 4.0 | Feature to preview images |
| x.x | Feature to configure max number of parallel downloads from a target site |
| x.x | Feature to display file size after downloads |
| x.x | Feature to filter by image size |
| x.x | Feature to pause/cancel/delete downloaded files |
| x.x | Feature to preview text |
| x.x | Feature to interact with clipboard |

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Download Links 下载

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Thank you sir! Works exactly as advertised. If something is not working for you then why don’t you watch the tutorial video? The dev literally posted it in his description. Thank you for making an awesome addon!


couldn’t actually get it to find a set of files on a page of links. trying to find all links that were .mkv, wouldn’t recognize them. Was hoping that it would just list all the links and let me filter after, but it wants to filter first. Disappointed, probably is fine for some people, didn’t work for me


Really great add-on once I can download by image size (| x.x | Feature to filter by image size) it will be worthy of 5 stars 😉


As others have said, this does not work AT ALL. Once the files are selected there is no green download button to click. It just sits there showing a list of files. This is the web page I tried it on. It identified about a couple of hundred files but will not download any. https://www.livelingua.com/spanish/courses/dli/Spanish_Language_Course_-_SOLT_Course:_Workbook/#description


Works as advertised: very simple, very fast. Does what it should do, without any bells and whistles.


Hi Thank you for this great addon. it took me a lot of searches to find this great addon. I also used it to download several PDFs 🙂 Please also add an option so we can set our own filter by a custom format (.*) for ex. .md or .aac or .epub or .ttf or … Thank you very much =========================== Update: I found the custom setting, Thanks :3


Prabhu, ignore the one star haters who cant provide a constructive comment. This is a great plugin. The only downside is that I didnt have to write my own scraper. 🙂 This plugin made it simple to download a bunch of pdfs. Kudos and thanks.


what a pity ! nice but pretty useless UNLESS u introduce QUEING and some means to STOP all transfers *good luck tho !


so far it looks fine, though 2 things i am missing: – a context menu (right mouse click) entry. – queuing maybe not possible. thanks a lot. 🙂


This seems like a promising extension, but two options will make it greater : 1) Download option in right click ; 2) Please find a way to download files in same directory without asking every time. Or at least option to download files to new directory or last directory option in right click. Reply to developer : 1) Yes 2) You’re not understanding. I’m saying please find a way to either remember the last folder location without asking for each download instead of downloading to default folder if that setting you’re saying is disabled.


Would be better if Excel files could be included in the file types along with pdf, DOC etc… A response to your reply … MY BAD .. a subtle user issue.. and program is fine. I would make it 4.5 stars now. === my perceived problem … but not a problem at all. I did go to Preferences/Extensions/Custom then selected Media dropdown , chose “Others” and added XLSX . “XLSX” shows up as black in a little box and appears along with all the preset list in the Active Extensions page, but it did not show up anywhere after that to use it/select it. MY BAD! The problem was that I was making the changes/selections while on a website that was NOT the one with XLSX files. When I added the desired extension on the site with files then “XLSX” came up …… along with all the others.


This is the most effective add-ons when it comes to downloading stubborn embedded audio on using Firefox. I tried series of add-ons with high recommendations but non was able to do it. I am really happy for this! My advice is for you to advertise this add-on on many forum because many people don’t know that this wonderful stuff exists. Make comments on forums like quora, NAIRALAND, and other sites hosted found on google


Work’s fine


I want to congratulate the developer because this extension is highly efficient. This extension gives you a quick and natural filter for downloads according to the file type. But, you can not see the name of the files to be downloaded. To see the name of the files to download is useful when downloading PDF files because it allows you selecting by name for the ongoing download. I wish that this feature is available to extract all the potential to this extension. I join the request for a better interface for downloading to an individual folder. Congratulations on your extension!


Works perfectly. Also I’m very happy there’s an option to add custom file extensions.


I’ve seen you answered another review that said: “This is a great extension but it must include an option to select one folder to store all the selected links and not need to save file by file.” I added Downloadlinks to firefox today. Left ‘Do not open file location chooser…’ checked, and in my firefox preferences I have ‘Always ask where to save files’. But it didn’t ask and saved on the default folder. Great extension, simple and to the point. Thanks! But this download folder thing is the only thing missing. p.s.: I think you should add an ‘About’ to the configurations. Edit: sorry, I couldn’t find a way to reply to your reply =) So I’m posting it in my original review. You answered: “If ‘Do not open file location’ in unchecked, then the file chooser dialog *may* show up. It’s *may* because that setting depends on Firefox setting ‘Always ask where to save files’.” And, as I said on my first review: “in my firefox preferences I have ‘Always ask where to save files’. But it didn’t ask and saved on the default folder. ” So, it is not working, either by the extension or because of my browser (plus exotic OS, combination), I did not ask for the feature, to save only the links, but that sounds nice =) I suggested an ‘About’ somewher,e because there is nowhere in the extension that you say the name of it: ”Downloadlinks” (not even in the window title), but that is just me digressing. Thanks again, for your answer.


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