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Blobs Extension helps you copy and save small yet important pieces of information from a webpage along with their links to your blobs collection. Blob Extension also lets you bookmark an entire webpage and it automatically saves an important paragraph (200 words) in the webpage as part of the bookmark. Blob Extension thus helps you manage, organize and retrieve your information along with its web source with ease.

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用Excel打开插件官网最新版下载,使用Microsoft Excel打开电子表格。 想要使用您喜欢的桌面电子表格编辑器打开电子表格吗?安装我们的软件扩展后,您现在就可以这样做。 要开始使用我们的软件扩展,请执行以下步骤。 1)确保您的计算机上安装了Microsoft


Arrow Arcade插件官网最新版下载,Welcome to Arcade Arrow where you will be shooting arrows towards a spinning ball, trying to stick an arrow in the ball

【图】Arrow Arcade
Arrow Arcade

Kabegami New Page插件官网最新版下载,Show random wallpaper in Browser's New page. Customizable. GitHub: https://github.com/Yukaii/kabegami-new-page

【图】Kabegami New Page
Kabegami New Page

Docs.com Redirect to en-US插件官网最新版下载,Auto-redirect to en-US version of Microsoft Docs.

【图】Docs.com Redirect to en-US
Docs.com Redirect to en-US

Fantasy Afar for New Tab插件官网最新版下载,An unexpected trip everyday by simply opening a new tab

【图】Fantasy Afar for New Tab
Fantasy Afar for New Tab

Ethernom – Password Manager插件官网最新版下载,Connects with Ethernom Smart Card to manage your credentials and autofill these credentials when logging in to websites.

【图】Ethernom – Password Manager
Ethernom – Password Manager

Hence插件官网最新版下载,Bookmarking has never been so easy!


Cute Cats Wallpapers and Backgrounds New Tab插件官网最新版下载,Love Cute Cats and kittens? Then Install Cute Cats, Its The Coolest With Lots Of Backgrounds!

【图】Cute Cats Wallpapers and Backgrounds New Tab
Cute Cats Wallpapers and Backgrounds New Tab

Sciwheel Browser Extension插件官网最新版下载,Browser Extension from Sciwheel

【图】Sciwheel Browser Extension
Sciwheel Browser Extension

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