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Optimize your browser for productivity and focus with tabby!

Tabby removes your unnecessary tabs automatically, without distraction – and it gives you the peace of mind of being able to restore tabs with just one-click.

It’s all free.

Tabby.us is one of the most-advanced edge extension to deal with your tabs.


➤ 1) simplicity: tabby.us offers you an immersive experience online. The tool is a 1-click install button, and it offers you minimalistic settings from end to end. We believe our tool should work for you – and the other way round. Say goodbye to long hours of setup and customization.

➤ 2) automation: tabby.us is designed to automate all the useless actions you do everyday on their browser. Examples are removing tabs, grouping tabs, reorganizing tabs, finding important tabs. With hundreds of useless clicks every day, professional have a serious ergonomics issue. We offer a new approach that will directly improve your focus.

➤ 3) privacy and speed: tabby.us does not collect personal data. Tabby’s code is optimized for your browser speed. Enjoy longer hours of battery on your computer and more RAM in order to do more stuff online. (more on this below).

➤ 4) impact on ecology: By enhancing the performance of your device, tabby enables you to save energy by avoiding to use a lot of RAM and CPU computation. Thus limiting the energy consumption of your device with ecological impact. It is better for you, better for your computer or laptop, better for the planet and environment.


We believe tabs pollute our browser view, which causes several problems.
➤ It is exhausting to work online because of thousands useless clicks your make.
➤ It is tedious and repetitive to make the same actions on tabs all day long. It is inefficient for the computer speed.
➤ It makes us inefficient and it slows down the computer: our mind is clouded, our days are stressful and our decision-making process is much slower.
➤ It leads to greater energy consumption and thus consequences for the environment and the planet globally. Environmental activists have highlighted this problem and fight for the ecological values against the high usage of tabs/mails…


➤ First, it is our core team philosophy.

The internet has become a very fragmented place for which the myriad of tabs are just an example. This has widespread scattered focus every day causing stress and discomfort.

To fight this, we built a product that improves Serenity at Work, all day long. You can now enjoy an integrated experience on your browser.

➤ Second, it is our vision for the product.

The internet is full of customizable tools. They are so customizable or modular, that we spend hours configuring them up.
To fight this, we incorporated artificial intelligence to offer you a personalized and seamless experience.

Instead of offering you a toolbox, we design a lean and stress-free experience.

We believe that irrelevant tabs should be temporarily removed from your user view to help you focus and spend more time on the important tabs. Not only does this increase your focus but it is saves you valuable time.

Of course, you can restore any tab with just one-click, when the tab is ACTUALLY relevant for you.

To us, this process is a true “decluttering of browser view”. Tabby.us is autonomous and smart to make its own decisions, but you can always correct its actions with only one click.

➤ Third, we believe in the Community.

Our mindful community of users also contribute to the environmental cause by reducing the use of energy worldwide. As a group, we orient our browser use towards a more ecological mindset.

If this philosophy resonates with you, please try tabby and send us an email with your feedback.

➤ Learn more here: https://www.tabby.us/
➤ Join our community: https://bit.ly/31N9g2f

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