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ActionTiles SmartThings custom web dashboard maker 简介

Make your Samsung SmartThings home family friendly to view & touch: ActionTiles is “The homepage for your home!”™

The top rated add-on SmartThings app (4.9-Stars per Facebook). Our Feedback website keeps us continuously improving. Unbeatable Stability and Customer Service.

Create a free Account. Securely authorize the ActionTiles Cloud to connect to your SmartThings “Location” (Hub). Each SmartThings Location Connector is free for 14 days and then purchasable on our website.

Easily build amazingly impressive dashboard Panels. Mount an inexpensive tablet or multiple tablets or phones to show everyone that your space-age smart home is at your fingertips in app or on the web. Experience the bliss of being freed from the clutter, complexity, and limited layout options of the SmartThings Apps.¹

Arrange your Things as Tiles on one or more Panels. Tweak the design until it suits your household. Use colors and icons to fit your style. Make some Panels kid-simple and others nerdville-central!

Efficient responsive grid layout is the foundation for your creativity, then:
■ Devise a Theme palette of colors to apply to Panels.
■ Adjust tile, spacer and font sizes.
■ Use multiple Tiles to show different attributes from the same device (temperature, battery, power).
■ Over 3000 icons.
■ Add PIN-protection to particular Tiles for extra security.
■ and much more!

Download to get started and benefit from the app’s immersive full-screen mode and other kiosk-type features. Switch to your favorite browser if you want.

For “anywhere access”, directly login to the ActionTiles web-app with any browser. Configure and utilize your Panels using the same UI as the app.

Conveniently and securely share specific Panels with family, housemates, caretakers, or guests. Share as “view only” so a neighbor or remote relative can keep an eye on your door, window, temperature and smoke sensors; all while not granting access to your locks or cameras. Instantly revoke access.

Attach multiple SmartThings Locations to one Account to facilitate vacation or rental property management. Keep an eye on all those water leak sensors, ensure all the garage doors are closed, and double-check the battery levels of the smoke detectors.

Enhance your Panels with “Media Tiles” that allow embedding of photos, weather radar, news tickers, or streaming from some types of IP cameras. Limited formats are supported (JPG, PNG, GIF, MJPG) – but an endless variety of uses.

ActionTiles is compatible with most SmartThings compliant connected devices – Sensors, switches, outlets, thermostats, locks, etc. Unusual and custom device types may have limited control. Not all SmartThings features are integrated. Use the 14-day free trial to test all expected or desired functionality before purchasing a connection License.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This is required when activating Screen Off Timer, Remote Admin or JavaScript Interface for switching off the screen. Administration permission must be withdrawn before the app can be uninstalled. Full list of permissions:

Terms & Disclaimers
Use of ActionTiles is subject to Terms of Service.

¹ActionTiles does not interfere nor completely replace the SmartThings Apps: ST app is still required for functionality such as phone presence sensing, adding/removing devices from hub, linking or unlinking other cloud services like Alexa, configuring scenes or automations, and other non-typical tasks.

ActionTiles, Thingterfaces, SmartTiles, marked slogans, the logos and icon designs are trademarks of Thingterfaces LP. All other trademarks used for reference only. ActionTiles is NOT a product of Samsung SmartThings. Video by TaylorTech.

ActionTiles SmartThings custom web dashboard maker 中文简介

让您的Samsung SmartThings家庭友好,以便查看和触摸:ActionTiles是“您家的主页!”™

评价最高的附加SmartThings应用程序(每个Facebook 4.9颗星)。我们的反馈网站让我们不断改进。无与伦比的稳定性和客户服务。

创建一个免费账户。安全授权ActionTiles Cloud连接到您的SmartThings“位置”(Hub)。每个SmartThings Location Connector都可以免费使用14天,然后可以在我们的网站上购买。

轻松构建令人印象深刻的仪表板面板。安装一个便宜的平板电脑或多个平板电脑或手机,向大家展示您的太空时代智能家居在应用程序或网络上触手可及。体验从SmartThings App的混乱,复杂性和有限布局选项中解放出来的幸福.¹




对于“随处访问”,可以使用任何浏览器直接登录ActionTiles Web应用程序。使用与应用程序相同的UI配置和使用Panel。



使用“媒体平铺”增强您的面板,允许嵌入照片,天气雷达,新闻报道或来自某些类型的IP摄像机的流媒体。支持有限格式(JPG,PNG,GIF,MJPG) – 但用途各不相同。

ActionTiles与大多数符合SmartThings标准的连接设备兼容 – 传感器,开关,插座,恒温器,锁等。不寻常和自定义设备类型可能具有有限的控制。并非所有SmartThings功能都集成在一起。在购买连接许可证之前,请使用14天免费试用版测试所有预期或所需的功能。




ActionTiles,Thingterfaces,SmartTiles,标​​记标语,徽标和图标设计是Thingterfaces LP的商标。所有其他商标仅供参考。 ActionTiles不是Samsung SmartThings的产品。 TaylorTech的视频。

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ActionTiles SmartThings custom web dashboard maker 下载

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